Withered Sun release && Making Headlines

HHV was recently featured in the Frederick News Post and it was a fantastic opportunity for us! The article interview with guitarist Dill and bassist Stefan shares their vision for the band and dives into some of the philosophies of our style. You can check it out here!

Also noteworthy news is the fact that we released a lyric video for our song "Withered Sun"!

This is a very special song for us. Lyrically it has a lot of personal revelations I have had during some difficult times. I once read a study that basically stated that those with social anxiety will often look back on their interactions with others and perceive them negatively. It is about always feeling like a "blackened sun" looms on the horizon of life, plaguing every experience, and learning to cope with it. It is about the struggle between Passion and Logic, the Id and SuperEgo. Embracing standing for what is right while also not giving in to emotionally-driven irrationality, the nuance of which can be a fine line.

Of the recurring themes in my life, lessons in humility is one of the most prevalent. I believe it to be essential to the progress of both humans as individuals, and as a collective whole. This is Withered Sun.


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